Bistable (or memory or pulse) relays are controlled by external buttons: press to turn on - press to turn off. They are used for push-button control of corridor and stair lighting as a replacement for AC (No. 6) and cross (No. 7) switches. The connection of the buttons is only on two wires in parallel - thus savings are achieved not only in the cables but also in installation, which is easy and fast.

Memory relays MR-41 with one output changeover contact 16A and MR-42 with two changeover contacts 16A are characterized by silent switching and the possibility of universal power supply in the range AC / DC 12 - 240V. They are permanently powered, but in the event of a power failure, they remember their previous state of the outputs.

The bistable relays of the "BR" series, which are built on the basis of modular contactors VS, allow switching currents above 16A, specifically 20A and 32A. Up to twice the surge current predetermines these relays for direct switching of light sources with a proportion of reactive components (ballasts and drivers for LED light sources).