MCB10 - 1Bxx 10kA

1-pole miniature circuit breaker, characteristics B

Manufacturer: ELKO EP

Ord. code: MCB10_1B

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MCB10-1Bxx 10kA | 1-pole Miniature Circuit Breaker

  • Short circuit breaking capacity: 10kA
  • Rated current: 2 - 63A
  • Tripping characteristic: B
  • Verified by VDE certification, including transient energy requirement
  • Circuit breakers MCB series are mechanical switching devices able to switch, conduct and switch-off the current under normal conditions and able to switch, conduct and automatically switch-off the current under abnormal circuit conditions such as a short circuit.
  • They are used to protect house installations and industrial electric distributions and devices against overcurrents. 
  • They are designed to operate by untrained persons and they are maintenance-free.
  • They have a window with a color designation of characteristics and rated current.
  • Handles of circuit breakers characteristic B, C.
  • There is an optical state indicator on the front side of the circuit breaker indicating the operation state of the device (green target visible = closed contacts, red target visible = opened contacts).
  • The state indicator is directly connected to the device contact system and it does not depend on the handle position (circuit breaker also can switch-off when the handle is sealed — it is corresponding with safe switch-off conditions).



Characteristics B
Number of poles 1