The wireless automation system, which includes on the one hand controllers + sensors and on the other hand switching + dimming components. These components can be used both for wireless control of lights or gates or to assemble a complete Smart House system from it. It also includes components for heating control (whether electric or central heating) as well as control of blinds and window slats. The entire system can then be controlled via an application on the phone - either from home or away (remotely).  

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Analog controller 0(1)-10V - MULTI function
More than 10 pcs
64,90 € 92,80 €

The iNELS RF wireless system offers a unique opportunity to breathe life into your home. Controlling appliances, dimming lights, creating light scenes, security - these are all functions we need for everyday life. iNELS RF is a kit that you assemble according to your wishes.

The result is one system that completely takes care of the running of your house. It will become an indispensable part of your family. You can completely customize it, depending on what you do or where you are, whether on vacation or at work, with family at home or with friends, whether you get up or go to sleep. It doesn't matter what you control, but how and how easily you control it. You can control the elements and appliances in many ways and at the same time combine them as you wish. The controller can be in the form of a power switch, but wireless, a key fob, a remote control, a touch unit, or an application on your phone.