Time relays include a wide selection of single-function time relays with functions delayed start, delayed return, cycler (flasher), via multifunction relays up to special (star/delta, deceleration delay without supply voltage - true off relay). All types are characterized by a universal supply voltage AC / DC 12-240V, a power contact 16A (or three 8A contacts) and a wide range of time settings. A unique bestseller is the Multifunction Time Relay CRM-93H / UNI, which in a 1-module (17.5 mm) combines all the advantages of time relays and has 3 changeover contacts. Time relays are supplied in the MODUL version (on DIN rail), BOX (for mounting in the installation box or under the switch), in the socket (11-pin round socket) or in the panel (in the cover of the switchboard). A digital version (PDR-2) with LED display and 16 functions is also available.

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Multifunction time relay (screw-less)
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Multifuction time relay
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