The main advantage of the SMR-K relay is the possibility of connecting an LED light source. When combining a standard timer and an LED light source, it may very well happen that even a low current in the order of milliamperes can blow up the LED light source. This can lead to flashing or even light emission even when switched off. However, the SMR-K time relay can handle this. Thanks to the low control current of the product of only 25 microamperes, it will no longer happen that the light source will flash.

The relay also offers a number of other advantages - construction in the KU 68 installation box instead of in the switchboard, the possibility of setting the delayed switch-off function - you will appreciate this, for example, with a toilet fan that stays running after the bulb is switched off, or protection against button blocking.

SMR-K is designed for switching R and L loads, ie. for conventional light bulbs, light sources with a wound transformer, electric motors and the like.